Don's look up

A video installation, sound design and a series of archival prints on canvas, 2020-2022

Roma Caspian
Made for
Present Object

"Don't look up" is a digital art piece that consists of a looped video installation and a series of archival prints. The video features three iconic skyscrapers in New York City: the Woolworth Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building. These buildings are depicted in an unusual way, with no base and two tops on either side. A red laser beam scans up and down the buildings, creating a sense of consumerism.

The title of the artwork, "Don't look up," creates a paradox with the content of the piece. The two tops of the building make it impossible not to look up, but the name suggests the opposite. This paradox highlights the way that capitalist society ignores the environmental and human costs of consumerism, drawing us into a mesmerizing cycle of consumption. The artwork uses the imagery of the skyscrapers to comment on the excess and excesses of capitalist society.

Don's look up
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