Petrified Electricity

A series of prints on canvas, 2020-2022

Roma Caspian
Made for
Present Object

In the "Petrified Electricity" series, the artist uses computer code and randomization as a tool for creating unique visual objects. Through the use of randomizers and intentional mistakes, the artist is able to generate unexpected and novel outcomes that serve as a source of inspiration and evolution. The project explores the role of mistakes in the creative process, drawing parallels between natural evolution and technology. The artist uses this concept to comment on the relationship between nature and technology, and invites the viewer to consider the role of mistakes and randomness in the creative process as a means of generating new and innovative ideas. The "Petrified Electricity" series is a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection of art and technology, and the ways in which randomness and mistakes can shape and influence the creative process.

Petrified Electricity
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