A short-form animation, 2022

Roma Caspian
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The devil is born from an angel spitting in rage who joins the struggle for good, truth, justice. People and systems crumble to dust, but the spirit of hate, bred by the champions of good, is immortal and thus evil on Earth knows no end. The manner of the debate is more important than the object of the debate. Objects come and go, while manners form the building blocks of civilizations.

— Grigory Pomerants, Dogma of Debate

Pomerants" is a short-form animated video created using AI and the neural network Stable Diffusion, as well as an AI-generated voice. The words of Russian philosopher Grigory Pomerants served as inspiration for this work, and offer a thought-provoking perspective on the state of the world in 2022, a time when the possibility of nuclear conflict looms large.

The video features a series of morphing symbols, including the artist's face, close-up shots of human eyes, birds, a nuclear explosion, seeds, books, statues, bees, viruses, and Russian peasants. These symbols morph into one another in a metamorphic journey that is accompanied by a repeated quote from Pomerants and the sound of the AI-generated voice. The voice sometimes echoes itself, doubles itself, cancels itself, and eventually blurs into disintegrated digital noise, creating an unintelligible cacophony that feels like a real argument between multiple opponents, in which no one can hear each other.

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