In Days of Old

Digital sculpture, a short-form video, 2022

Roma Caspian
Made for
Present Object

"In Days of Old" is a digital sculpture that explores the artist's relationship with Christianity. Depicted in a short-form video, the sculpture consists of a terracotta-red hand holding two sewing needles that are welded together in the middle to form a cross. This symbol has a clear religious connotation, but the wielded needles also suggest the inability to add something new to a religious pattern that has been ingrained in the artist from their upbringing. The frozen red hand, which is deprived of movement and development, suggests a sense of emotional petrification in the artist's relationship with Christianity.

By bringing this sculpture into the digital realm, the artist is able to comment on their interpretation of religion in the modern world. The combination of the traditional symbol of the cross with the more ephemeral image of the sewing needles creates a tension between the timelessness of faith and the impermanence of our physical world. The artist uses this tension to explore their own experiences and feelings about religion, using the digital medium to convey their message.

In Days of Old
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