The cell

An interactive digital sculpture, 2022

Roma Caspian
Made for
Present Object

The Cell is a concept of an interactive digital sculpture, a piece of art that combines elements of digital sculpture with modern technology to create a dynamic and immersive experience for viewers. This concept involves a 8K display that is equipped with sensors that monitor its surroundings and react to the proximity of a viewer.

The sculpture constantly processes its heat sensors, allowing it to detect the presence of a viewer and respond in a variety of ways. This could include changing its color, shape, or movement in real-time, creating a unique and ever-evolving experience for the viewer.

One potential application of this concept is in a museum or gallery setting, where the interactive digital sculpture could serve as a focal point for visitors. By constantly reacting to the presence of viewers, the sculpture could create a sense of connection and engagement, encouraging people to spend more time exploring and interacting with the art.

Overall, the interactive digital sculpture concept represents a new and exciting way to merge traditional art forms with modern technology, creating a unique and engaging experience for viewers.

The cell
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